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“Wytheville offers us great people and location, a feeling of community, an excellent manufacturing base and a critical transportation hub.”


Calling Wythe County an important hub for its growing business needs, Gatorade officially opened its Blue Ridge Gatorade Plant in Wytheville's Progress Park in November 2006.


Gatorade officials said the location of the company's eighth U.S. plant near the intersection of I-81 and I-77 “provides an important geographic hub to our growing distribution needs and allows us to optimally distribute Gatorade and Propel to our customers in the Mid-Atlantic and Ohio Valley regions.”


The Wytheville plant would take the burden off the company's nearest facilities in northeastern Pennsylvania and in Atlanta.


Four production lines manufacture Gatorade Thirst Quencher and Propel Fitness Water. The facility employs more than 200.

Located on 134 acres at 316 Gator Lane in Progress Park, the plant is just under a million square feet and has the ability to expand to 1.8 million square feet and eight production lines. It represents a $148 million investment by PepsiCo, Gatorade's parent company.


The Wytheville Gatorade plant is designed to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification “and provide significant impact to our natural environment, economy and health and productivity of our employees,” said Gatorade. The Wytheville plant will be one of the largest certified food and beverage manufacturing facilities in the world.


Gatorade officals said, “Many factors are weighed in the analysis of potential sites, including transportation and distribution costs. The primary deciding factor in locating the facility in Wytheville was the geographic location and the subsequent savings of getting product to the market area this facility will serve.”


In addition to the great location, outstanding people, the feeling of community and the tremendous commitment and support from local and state officials, Gatorade officials also praised the Virginia Employment Commission and Wytheville Community College for their help in developing the workforce for the plant. The VEC helped process more than 5,000 applications for employment at the new plant, and the community college provided testing and interviewing services and developed an operator curriculum for all line technicians.


And with Amcor PET Packaging, leading supplier of hot-fillable plastic bottles to the beverage industry, located in a bottle manufacturing facility next door in Progress Park, Gatorade said it is a wonderful opportunity for both the company and Wythe County .




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